Fraction 22/ 120 mm

Fraction 22/ 120 mm – for coatings and concrete pads


Tested feature, marking Test results Allowed range of result values
1 2 3
Category for granulometric composition Gc90/10 BDS EN 12620:2002+A1:2008/NA:2008
Composition of fine fraction, f 0.1% of the mass ≤0.5 for category f0.5BDS EN 12620:2013
Clay lumps and admixtures content 0.0% of the mass ≤1 for concrete from groups I and II≤0.5 for concrete from groups III and IVBDS EN 12620:2002+A1:2008/na:2008
Humus content Does not contain BDS EN 12620:2002+A1:2008/na:2008


All products, offered by DDF JSC Ruse, meet the requirements of BS EN 12620:2002 and have a certificate for factory production control, issued by the Organization for technical conformity, according to the Ordinance on essential requirements and conformity assessment of construction products, Directive 89/ 106 EEC.

The company has a laboratory which controls the quality of products.