Danube Dredging Fleet JSC Ruse – extraction of inert materials

Due to the reliability, efficiency and long experience of the Danube Dredging Fleet JSC Ruse in the field of extraction of inert materials and providing transportation, loading and unloading activities, the company enjoys the well-deservedtrust of its numerous clients.

Danube Dredging Fleet JSC has more than 50 years of history in the production and delivery of inert materials. Today the company has two production bases – in Ruse and Tutrakan, which maintain and improve constantly, according to the needs of national and international market.For its partners and clients, the company provides construction aggregates, transportation and port services, which meet their requirements, comply with normative documents and product standards. In carrying out its activities, “Danube Dredging Fleet” JSC studies the needs and expectations of its clients and takes actions in purpose of increasing customer satisfaction.

The company maintains and perfects the quality of its products by improving infrastructure and technological processes. It also relies on improving the qualification of the staff, which is a long-term investment that guarantees the quality of services. An important tool, that helps the company, is the Integrated system for management of quality, environment, health and workplace safety, which the company has implemented according to the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001:2008, BS EN ISO 14 001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

The base in Ruse of the Danube Dredging Fleet JSC

The production base of the “Danube Dredging Fleet” JSC in the city of Ruse started its existence as a legal entity in 1962 and in 2013 celebrated its 50th anniversary. For the period of its existence, the base has been successfully working on the market in Bulgaria and abroad, and provides transport services to companies that have access to the Danube river. The company has a registered port with a regional significance.The main activity of the “Danube Dredging Fleet” JSC – Ruse is related to extraction and processing of inert materials from the Danube river. The extraction capacity of the company is the largest in the country – up to 800 000 of tons inert materials annually, and for processing – up to 500 000 tons.

he other activities of the company are related to: loading and unloading in its own estuary, система за управление на качествотоproviding specialized hydro technical activities on the Danube river, as well as transportation of bulk cargoes on the river – ore, iron, coal and timber.